We love it when colleagues share their experiences and impressions on the Meetings

With our newly-expanded eye services, and greater public awareness of DR and other causes of blindness, we will be able to achieve our goal of preventing unnecessary blindness throughout the island of Dominica.

ophthalmologist, Dominica

Each project faces its unique challenges, not just us.

ophthalmologist, Zimbabwe

I have learnt how to successfully hold a community eye clinic, learnt about different eye diseases and what causes them. I came to know that elimination of blindness does not necessarily require a specialist eye health worker, as everybody has a role to play.

community health worker, Uganda

The workshop was very helpful and timely to me. In two weeks’ time, I am starting PRP in a hospital where I am the only ophthalmologist.

ophthalmologist, Kenya

It has been a good experience. We have learned a lot of things and it made me confident to screen diabetic patients

screener grader, Malawi